2017 Show Photos and Videos


Still Photographs

Below are a selection of still photos taken at the 2017 Show. It’s impossible for one photographer to cover everything as there’s so much going on, but this collection should give you a good idea of what the show is all about. Photos are still being added to this gallery as they become available.

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To see a larger view of any picture just click on it. Or click on the “Play Slideshow” button below to see a slideshow of all the pictures. Note - for best results you need to be connected via a broadband link.

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Video Clips

See below for a selection of video clips and photos of the 2017 Show presented as a compilation with a specially produced musical accompaniment. It shows many of the features and attractions enjoyed by the large number of visitor’s to this year’s Show, including several new ones such as the Goat Classes, the Donkey Display, and the Gundog Display.

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