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For news about the Gransden and District Agricultural Society and its Annual Show

15th October 2017 - Pigeon and Falconry Displays

Photos of some of the many pigeons on display have now been added to the photo gallery. Also, some of the birds of prey on show at the J.R.C.S. Falconry stand.  View them on the 2017 Photos page.

13th October 2017 - Produce and Homefare Photos

Photos of some of the large number of entries in the Produce and Homefare classes are now on display in the photo gallery. View them on the 2017 Photos page.

12th October 2017 - Dog Events at the 2017 Show

Photos of various Show events involving dogs have now been added to our website photo gallery. The include the Gundog Display, the Bassett Hounds, the Foxhounds and the Dog Show. View them on the 2017 Photos page.

10th October 2017 - Photos of the 2017 Show

More photos taken by our website photographer of the 2017 Show may now be viewed on the 2017 Photos page. Just added are photos of some of the magnificent animals taking part in the Livestock events. More photos will be added to these over the next few days.

In-ring photos were handled this year by Sports In Focus. Their contact details, including website address where previews of their photos are available, may be found on the 2017 Advertisers and Sponsors page.

6th October 2017 - 2017 Horse, Livestock, and Homefare and Produce Results

The prizewinners in the Horse, Livestock, and Homefare and Produce classes at this year’s show have now been published. Click here to view Horse Results, here to view Homefare and Produce Results and here to view Livestock Results.

24th September 2017 - GDAS Grant for Little Paxton School

Little Paxton Primary School was the recipient of a GDAS Charitable Grant this year. This enabled the children to visit Croxton Park Farm to experience life on a real farm. Click here to see how they got on. To find out more about GDAS Charitable Grants click here to view details.

19th September 2017 - Food Fayre Exhibitors

The list of Food Fayre exhibitors at the 2017 Show has now been published. Go to the 2017 Trade Exhibitors page to see who will be on hand to supply you with food and drinks during the Show.

18th September 2017 - The Main Event at This Year’s Show

The main entertainment event for visitors at the 2017 Gransden Show is Kipperridge Gundogs. This promises to be an exciting and amusing demonstration of how gundogs are trained, as shown by one of the country’s top training teams. For more details click here.

15th September 2017 - Advertisers and Sponsors

Many companies support Gransden Show by advertising in the Show Catalogue or by sponsoring us directly. The 2017 Advertisers and Sponsors page has now been published on this website. Their help is much appreciated, so please show your appreciation by visiting that page and clicking on their adverts to view their products and services. Click here to view them.

23rd August 2017 - Donkey Display

The Donkey Display at the 2017 Show is now confirmed to take place at 12:00 noon in Ring 4. Please make sure you arrive in good time to see this, as it promises to be a wonderful event.

20th August 2017 - Twitter and Instagram

We now have an increased social media presence through the use of Twitter and Instagram in addition to Facebook, which we added last year. In each case you’ll find us by searching for gransdenshow on the appropriate site. Or, you can click on the links above to view them now from here. You’ll also find the icons for these at the top left hand side of this site’s Home page. Click on the appropriate icon to view the page you’d like to visit.

18th August 2017 - Manx Loaghtan Sheep Schedule and Entry Form

The Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders Group will be holding its annual event at Gransden Show this year. The Schedule and Entry Form for this are now available. Click here to download them. Please note that the Schedule and Entry Form are contained in this single document. Entries are not limited just to group members, so anyone can enter their Manx sheep.

4th August 2017 - Goat Schedules and Entry Forms

Schedules and Entry Forms for Goat Exhibitors at this year’s Show are now available. Click here for downloading the Schedule and here for the Entry Form. We are very happy to be able to add Goat events to this year’s Show and we’re sure our visitors will like seeing them. If there are enough entries to make it a success then we’ll also include the events in future Shows. The events are presented in partnership with the Cambridgeshire Goatkeepers Society.

31st July 2017 - Goat Exhibitors

We are very excited to have goat classes return to the 2017 Gransden Show. The Schedule of Classes and Entry Forms will be made available for download from this website in the near future, so check back here for availability. Or contact June Jukes, Show Secretary, directly by e-mail at

30th July 2017 - Trade Exhibitor Stands

The initial list of Trade Exhibitors at the 2017 Show has now been published. This is an interim list, showing companies that have booked stands so far. It will be updated as more bookings are received. Craft Marquee and Food Fayre exhibitors will be added to this list shortly. To view the list go to the 2017 Trade Exhibitors page.

12th October 2016 - Charitable Grant Scheme

Please note that the the GDAS Charitable Grant Scheme for Young People is still available this year. This will provide matched funding grants of up to £500 to individuals aged 16 to 26 years old who live within a 15 miles radius of Great Gransden church and who wish to complete rural and agriculture related projects, education and training. See the GDAS Grant Scheme page for full details of criteria to be met by applicants and how to apply.

4th August 2016 - Gransden Show FaceBook Page

We now have our own FaceBook page to help us to promote Gransden Show. To view it go to or just search for gransdenshow from within Facebook.

6th June 2017 - 2017 Show Flyer

The publicity flyer for the 2017 Show has now been published. Click here to download it.

6th June 2017 - Vintage Vehicles

The Entry Application Form for Vintage Vehicles is now available. Click here to download it. Please return completed forms to June Jukes, Show Secretary. See Contact Us page for her address.

20th May 2017 - Flower Arranging

Please note that the Entry Form and list of classes for the Flower Arranging are included at the bottom of the Produce and Homefare Entry Form. See link in the 18th May item below.

19th May 2017 - Programme and Rules of Entry

The Programme and Rules of Entry for the 2017 Show are now available for download and printing. Click here for the Programme and here for the Rules of Entry

18th May 2017 - Produce, Homefare and Children’s Classes

The Produce, Homefare and Children’s classes Schedule and Entry form are now available for download and printing. Click here for the Schedule and here for the Entry Form.

15th May 2017 - Horse Events

The Horse events Schedule and Entry Form are now available to download and printing. Click here for the Schedule and here for the Entry Form.

29th March 2017 - Donkey Display

A donkey display will now be included in this year’s show, following a successful appeal to donkey owners published on this website and on our Facebook Page. Thank you to everyone who responded.

16th February 2017 - Goat Classes

It may be possible to include Goat Classes in the 2017 Show. If you are interested in entering goats or in helping to organise this part of the Show please contact June Jukes, Show Secretary, by clicking here to email her; by phoning her directly at 01767-677218; or by Facebook Messenger from our Facebook Page. Your involvement will be very much appreciated.

16th October 2017 - Lots More Photos!

A large batch of photos of the 2017 Show have been added to the photo gallery today. These include pictures of the Flower Arranging, Trade Stands including Food and Craft stalls, Children’s entertainments, and the Livestock prizegiving ceremony.  View them all on the 2017 Photos page.

27th March 2018 - The 2018 AGM and Committee Meeting

This was held on 26th March 2018 at the Reading Rooms, Great Gransden. The main changes agreed are as follows:

Alan Bowkett was elected GDAS President for 2018/19 replacing Marian Morgan; Ruth Northrop was elected Vice President replacing Alan Bowkett; and Claire Hall was elected as a new Director.

Ticket prices will remain unchanged for this year, but the Membership Fee will increase to £25 per year. There will be a new concession for carers of disabled visitors, who will be entitled to a free ticket subject to certain conditions. This will have to be applied for in advance. Details to follow shortly.

Planning for the 2018 Show is well under way and details of some of the potential attractions were discussed. Details will be published here when they have been confirmed.

15th December 2017 - Gransden Show on BBC TV

Over the Summer we took part in a BBC series “The Farmers’ Country Showdown”, which starts on BBC1 at 15:45 on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Gransden Show will be in the episode to be shown on Monday 22nd January, so be sure not to miss it.

17th October 2017 - Vintage Tractor Photos

Photos of the Vintage Vehicle Parade at the 2017 Show have now been added to the photo gallery. You can view them on the 2017 Photos page.

31st December 2017 - Video of the 2017 Show

The compilation video of the 2017 Show is now available for viewing on the 2017 Photos page. It’s been constructed from various video clips and photos taken at the Show and edited together then cut to a specially produced music soundtrack. Its intent is to give potential visitors an idea of the wide range of features and attractions available for their enjoyment.

5th January 2018 - Poultry Display for 2018 Show

We need someone to take the lead in organising the Poultry Display at the 2018 Show. We’ll give as much help and support as we can, but we need someone to take the overall lead in this. All ideas will be considered. To find out more and discuss the possibilities please contact June Jukes, Show Secretary, by phone on 01767-677218 or by e-mail at

21st January 2018 - Gransden Show on BBC1 TV

Reminder - the 2017 Gransden Show will feature in “The Farmers’ Country Showdown” episode to be broadcast on BBC1 TV at 3:45pm tomorrow afternoon, Monday 22nd January. It follows the fortunes of several pig farmers competing in the pig classes. It may also include an interview with GDAS President Marian Morgan, who worked with the film crew on the day. Photos of Marian with the crew are now available for viewing on the Photos page.

28th January 2018 - Annual General Meeting

Gransden and District Agricultural Society will hold its Annual General Meeting at 7:30pm on Monday 26th March at the Reading Rooms, Fox Street, Great Gransden. All are warmly welcome to attend, so please come along to find out more about the Society that organises Gransden Show every year. If you’d like to volunteer, helpers are always appreciated.

23rd March 2018 - Website Development Work

For the last few months there has been a lot of website development work going on in the background. This has involved a migration to a new website development system and a substantial redesign of how the website looks to the user. We’re also hoping to include some exciting new features into the new version and we’ll be telling you more about these later when we’re closer to implementing them. We’re now reaching the point where we need to test parts of the new new system online, so we may have to take the existing site offline for short periods of time. We’ll try to minimise this however, so if you visit the site and can’t gain access please accept our apologies. Try again after a short while and you should be able to get in again.

30th March 2018 - Disability Carer Concessionary Ticket Scheme

A Carer accompanying a disabled person to the 2018 Gransden Show will now be able to apply for a free concessionary ticket. Terms and Conditions apply, so please read the Disabled Ticketing Policy document available here. To view and download an application form to obtain a Carer’s ticket please click here. Please note you’ll have to print the form off, complete it, and then post it back to the Show Secretary to obtain tour ticket. Details are on the form.

30th March 2018 - Car Parking Facilities for Disabled Visitors

Special parking close to the Showground entrance is available for Blue Badge holding Disabled visitors to Gransden Show. If you wish to use this please read the Accessible Facilities document available here.

23rd April 2018 - Big Changes Coming Soon

In a few days time we’re hoping to launch Stage 1 of our new website project. This will be a direct replacement for the website you’re viewing now, but it will have a brand new look and hopefully you’ll find it easier to use. All of the material from the current website should be available on the new website, but it has been reorganised to make it easier to find. The new website also lays the foundation for some exciting new features that will be appearing in Stage 2 of the project and later, the first of which is an Online Entry system to allow competitors to submit their entry forms and pay their entry fees via the website. This will be available in time for entries for this year’s Show. More details will be available nearer the time.